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SmoothTalker Charging Holder/Cradle with Antenna Connection

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Moto SmoothTalker Charging Holder/Cradle with Antenna Connection

Product Description

The SmoothTalker Charging Holder/Cradle with Antenna Connection is made specifically for the Moto and they keep your battery charged! These are not the average universal holders that have spring loaded phone grippers nor do they require fidgeting to fit the Moto in the cradle. 

The SmoothTalker Cradle provides a secure and convenient solution for docking the Moto while driving and allows the use of any Bluetooth Headset, Wired Headset or Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit!

This cradle is designed to plug directly into any cigarette lighter power source and allows the accessibility of mounting in a convenient location away from the power source.This cradle has an external antenna connector with an FME male end.


  • Charges while docked in cradle
  • Sturdy Mounting Design
  • External Antenna for Increased Reception
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth Headset, Hands-Free Kit, or Wired Headset

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User: Amilia G, Dec 10, 2010
Pros: phone looks nice (but useless) in cradle
Cons: impossible to assemble. no suction, just screws.
You have to SCREW the damn thing into the dashboard. The thing is SO impossible to put together that even the people at android Central have no idea how to help you- they had to give me the manufacturers number. How fun. Next, the first two phone calls to customer service on android central went absolutely NOWHERE. No help at all. The third call WAS helpful. in explaining to me that I should return it and buy a different one. Which I did. I got the one with the huge suction cup. Waiting for it in the mail now. The guy on customer service gets a 5 star for finding and recommending it to me. But so far, not happy with smoothtalker products.

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